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How can our business appear on the first page of Google's search results?

This is a question that is often asked and of course many other businesses are also vieing to achieve this goal. To do this, many turn to the complex area of SEO ( search engine optimisation ) to try and convince the search engines to highly rank their website and many even appear to succeed on at least a temporary basis, until the search engine criteria shifts and new methods need to be employed.

However apart from SEO there are simpler options to try, such as adjusting the content of a website to accurately reflect the search phrases entered by users and this is our approach, to consistently meet search engine criteria over time.

Pay per click is another avenue which, if approached wrongly, results in high costs for poorly targeted leads, or perhaps a very low volume of traffic due to irrelevant keywords entered.

As a business we don't promise unrealistic results; however we have invested literally hundreds of hours over the last five years in training and practical experience with Internet Marketing. Therefore often the best use of our time is to simply provide 1-2 hours advice, which offers a fast track approach to achieving results, although we can also effectively manage Website projects or small business pay per click campaigns, at realistic costs!

For more information on how to achieve a more effective web presence, or if you are considering a new or revised website, please call 0345 207 2921 or provide further details via our contact us form.

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