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IT Audit


IT Bromley & Croydon provide IT audits for small businesses and Charities covering London and the South East.

On a basic level, this may involve simply a hardware audit to ensure that the equipment is compatible with a proposed upgrade, or a software audit to ensure that all software installed is fully licensed and does not include unwanted programs or spyware applications. In some situations it may be necessary to locate files, folders or emails that have been recently deleted.

Alternatively there may be a need to pro-actively track or block employee Internet usage, to ensure that their time is being used in the best interests of the business, as well as ensuring that potential threats are not introduced into the IT system.

Audits can also be provided to determine the cause of network or server issues, as well as to provide a clear view of the options available for a particular requirement, so that an informed decision can be made and relevant quotations obtained.

More in depth audits can also be undertaken, for example where any IT related function is failing in a business, whether this is a website, e-commerce solution or a specialised application which is not meeting the business requirements. An audit can also include brief interviews with the key personnel involved, to help build up an accurate picture of all the issues involved. A comprehensive report is then provided pinpointing the causes of the various issues and the recommended solutions.

An IT project management service can also be provided to assist with the implementation of a larger IT solution, such as a new database, digital phone system or specialised application.

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